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For current 2018 Members this is our way of saying thank you for bearing with us through our changes and website move this summer! When logged into your account you get our multi-year access for just $6! If you need assistance logging in please email us at

For new customers coming in this gives you access to our 2018 files (everything on our website now plus + our multi-year access terms (read below) for just $15

This sale will be live through October 1st 2018 only! (We may consider opening up this deal one more time in the end of November)

We are calling this a multi-year access bc we don't like the term lifetime access. This includes all files made in 2019 + at least 300 files in 2020 BUT if we continue to be in business (we have no plans on stopping) you will not be limited to only the 2019 files + the 300 in 2020... you will get any files we ever make ever!!!! This means if we are in business until 2028 you'll never have to pay again. It's same amount of files that we always add = 21+ files per week! Same commercial use terms! The same types of files SVGs, Sublimation Designs, Fonts, Etc!

How it works:

for 2018 Members nothing will change for you other than the website tagging your account as a lifetime member when you purchase and you will continue to get your files the same way as always. When you are logged into your account everything that we ever add to our store will be set to 0.00 for you. You also get links to our backups. The multi-year back up will not start being added to until January 1st 2019.

For new Customers coming in: Your purchase includes all of our 2018 files + everything that we ever add to our store will be set to 0.00 for you. (see above photo). Immediately after purchase our website tags your account as a member and the very next time you log in you should see our products set to 0.00 for you. You will also receive a PDF download with our back up link to our 2018 files on google drive and our multi-year access google drive back up link + our terms of use. The multi-year backup google drive will not have anything in it until January 1st 2019. It's your choice how to access the files however the google drive is meant to just be a back up.

Terms and Legal Blah Blah:

This purchase includes Multi-Year access to files added to - 2018 files (everything we make in 2018 1/1/2018-12/31/2018) - 2019 files (everything we make in 2019 1/1/2019 - 12/31/2019) - at least 300 files in 2020 (or if we are still in business - anything that we ever make - i.e. if we are in business in 2028 you get everything we make without having to pay again)

Download includes a PDF with our terms stated in this listing plus links to our backups. Files are located on our website and in our back ups on Google Drive.

We have a very generous Commercial Use policy. We love helping out small businesses and crafters on a budget! If you are a small business (10 employees or less) you can make unlimited handmade products without worry of overstepping. Handmade products like cups, decals, shirts, keychains, Wood signs, etc!

We have also added these brand new extended license options for those that sell printed transfers and/or own a digital embroidery file shop that sells embroidery fonts:

If you sell PRINTED sublimation, HTV, or iron on transfer sheets or are interested in doing so you can purchase our extended license in addition to this listing for $10 at this link:

If you sell digital embroidery files and you are interested in selling our fonts in your digital shop you can purchase the embroidery font extended license in addition to this listing for $10 at this link:

 Commercial License Information:

Unlimited Small Business Commercial Use for handmade products. We consider a small business to be a business with 10 employees or less.

You MAY NOT use ANY of my file/design packs including clip art print-on-demand sites or large commercial sites like Amazon, JET, Wayfair, Zulily, Zazzle, CafePress, TeeFury, Printful, Society6, Spoonflower, etc.

 You MAY NOT digitize our files or fonts for embroidery unless you purchase our embroidery font extended license. You can purchase that here:

You MAY NOT resell our digital designs in their original format or modify our digital designs with intent to resell. This means don't steal our Cut File Sets and sell them as Cut Files.

You MAY NOT use our files to sell sublimation, HTV, or Iron On transfer Sheets unless you purchase our Transfer extended license here:

All designs Scout and Rose Design Co. Designs (c) Scout & Rose LLC - Scout & Rose LLC retains copyright of all digital items after purchase. Scout & Rose LLC has the right to update these terms at any time as needed.

Copying any of my designs or files is a direct violation of the International Digital Copyright Law.

Regarding Trademarks:

I do my best to keep up-to-date with any Registered Trademarks before creating any designs! Because of excessive new trademarks being applied for and registered daily, I can not guarantee that any phrases on my designs will not be a registered trademark. 

It is your responsibility and smart business practice as a small business owner to research the USPTO database to make sure your products do not infringe on a registered trademark. By purchasing any design or membership by Scout and Rose Design Co. you agree that you are responsible for your own business and Scout and Rose LLC will not be held liable with regards to trademarked phrases. You can always check the trademark database at 

If it is discovered that one of our designs contains a trademarked phrase or we are notified that one of our designs is a registered trademark we will promptly correct the issue as soon as possible by either 1. removing text from our design and keeping the clip art or 2. removing the design completely if there is not any remaining clip art to display and discontinue the listing. We will also remove the item in question from any of our back up Cloud Storage Systems members may have access to. This is non-negotiable. We will do this as often as possible to look out for our customers and our small family business! <3

if you see something questionable or something we may have missed please email us at

All Poplar & Pearl Designs (c) Poplar & Pearl

All Claw & Fang Designs (c) Claw & Fang

All Berry Cute Cuts Designs (c) Berry Cute Cuts by Bee, Poplar & Pearl.

Terms and Conditions regarding guest designer files:

These designers, Claw & Fang, Poplar & Pearl, Berry Cute Cuts By Bee, are their own established SVG design business or graphic design house and are not under the umbrella of Scout and Rose LLC nor are they employed by Scout and Rose LLC. They have signed up to make exclusive files for our Cuts Crew SECTION in exchange for exposure for their growing independent SVG businesses. Purchasing this membership does not give you any rights to any files that they create for their OWN websites or their OWN web stores. The files that you have available to you by purchasing this membership are ONLY located in the Guest Designers Section on this website. You are also under no obligation to purchase any of their files and/or memberships via their own websites or web stores to receive what they make for our 2018 Guest Designers SECTION.

In Regards to designs created by Scout and Rose Design Co: By purchasing this  Membership you have the rights to Scout and Rose Design Co. files that you find on our website. 

We have the right to update these terms at anytime, as needed.

Refund Policy 

Due to the nature of our digital products we do not issue refunds. It is up to you to know what files are compatible with your software and know how to use your software/computer/device/machine. However, We want to make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase! If you have any problems you can send us a message for customer service and we will be happy to fix any issues you may have!

Have any more questions/concerns/comments? We would love to hear from you! Please contact us via email to and we will answer you ASAP. Please allow up to 2 business days to recieve a response.

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