Scout and Rose Lifetime Membership

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***We are opening up the door to new Lifetime Members due to an unexpected large family expense that we have been faced with. We are running this sale from February 17th 2020-February 28th 2020.***

Join our Lifetime Membership! Get access to 2,800+ files for Crafters  after purchase!! Take a look around the website! Every DIGITAL PRODUCT you see + everything we made in 2017 & 2018 (available via cloud backup) + anything we ever add to this website will always be free for our Lifetime Members!! This is a ONE-TIME fee of $10 and it is NOT a recurring charge!

Commercial Use is allowed on all of our digital designs.

See our Commercial Use Policy here:

If you print and sell any kind of transfer sheet (sublimation, waterslide, or HTV) members get a HUGE discount on our extended license. You can purchase that license here after purchasing your membership:

All of our designs are delivered via our website. After you purchase the Lifetime Membership all you have to do is log back in and shop for free there may be a brief delay as the website configures your account. You will not receive any digital products for crafting with the purchase of this listing. You will receive one PDF Document in the form of a digital download with the terms and FAQ regarding our lifetime membership ONLY!

Curious before you buy? To see who is using our Lifetime Membership and how it all works come and join our Facebook Group and Follow Us on our Facebook business page! Feel Free to ask questions in our group!

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****IMPORTANT if you are already a Lifetime Member and have purchased since we started offering it in 09/2018 you DO NOT need to purchase this listing again! you are already locked in as a lifetime member!