Scout and Rose 2018 FULL ACCESS Membership

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Join our Scout and Rose FULL ACCESS membership today and get Unlimited Access to all of the SVG Cut Files put on our website for all of 2018!

Our Membership is Simple. Get everything we make in 2018 for Free after paying your one-time non-recurring Membership Fee!!

$20 is a special promotional price that we are running until June 20th!


Scout and Rose FULL ACCESS 2018 Membership Terms and Information

What is the Scout and Rose FULL ACCESS Membership?

Simply put Scout and Rose 2018 FULL ACCESS Membership is anything that is posted on our website in 2018. This includes everything on our website and anything else we may add in 2018! We have big plans for 2018. Curious about the products? Just take a look around the website and see what all you get!

This is a one-time fee for the year but it isn’t a recurring membership that automatically renews. We never save your payment information! There are no hidden fees, catches and/or gimmicks! Your one time payment gets you access to anything we add to the the website until December 31st 2018. Again this includes everything on our website and anything we may add in 2018! 

How does the Membership work when I purchase?

First of all, You do not receive any SVG downloads upon purchase of this individual listing. Your Download contains a PDF document with our Terms and Conditions and other important information regarding this membership. 

So how do you access the files? 

Our Website is set up in a way that requires any potential customer that wants to make a purchase to have a customer account. This helps us provide the best customer service possible and makes your membership files available automatically right after purchase!

Upon purchase our checkout system automatically tags your account and will set all current products ion the website and all future products we add to the Website until Dec 31st 2018 to 0.00 for you when you are logged into your account.

This gives you the ability to get everything FREE on our website for all of 2018. When you check out you will have the option to instant download your items and you will also receive a download link to your account email address. Simple as that.


What if I don’t download everything? Do I lose access after December 31st 2018?

You will always have access to the 2018 files via our website and a Cloud Storage Back ups that we have created as a courtesy (links in document download after purchase)

In the beginning of next year (2019) We will create a Retired 2018 Section on the website where you can still access the files in a simple menu dropdown. Your account will always be tagged to have access to what you purchased. If you have any issues you can email and we will get your issue fixed ASAP.

What happens for 2019?

We have plans to have another yearly Full Access bundle. If you would like to continue receiving our files in 2019 you can simply make another purchase when the time comes for a 2019 Membership Bundle. As we grow we may have new membership options available that may better suit your interest and pursuits!

How do I know when you post new files?

We will always post new file listings on our business facebook page at or via our Facebook Group at this link: 

Terms and Conditions:

These designers, Claw & Fang, Poplar & Pearl, Berry Cute Cuts By Bee, are their own established SVG design business or graphic design house and are not under the umbrella of Scout and Rose LLC nor are they employed by Scout and Rose LLC. They have signed up to make exclusive files for our Cuts Crew SECTION in exchange for exposure for their growing independent SVG businesses. Purchasing this membership does not give you any rights to any files that they create for their OWN websites or their OWN web stores. The files that you have available to you by purchasing this membership are ONLY located in the Cuts Crew Designs Section on this website. You are also under no obligation to purchase any of their files and/or memberships via their own websites or web stores to receive what they make for our 2018 Cuts Crew SECTION.

In Regards to designs created by Scout and Rose Design Co for the 2018 Full Access: By purchasing this 2018 Full Access Membership you have the rights to Scout and Rose Design Co. files that you find on our website. 

Commercial License Information:

We do not have a set number limit on how many times you can use a 2018 Full Access Membership design in a small business commercial setting. This applies to all designs by each designer. We will let you use any designs an unlimited amount of times if they apply to these terms set below:

You MAY make physical handmade products for sell. Our designs are intended for those that use die cutting machines like Silhouette Cameo & Cricut machines. You may use them for both personal and commercial use. 

You MAY add your own text to our designs or add an element IF you are making a physical product to sell.

You MAY use our designs to create physical handmade products using the process of Sublimation such as shirts, bags, mugs, etc.

You MAY NOT make stencils or Sublimation transfer sheets and sell them with our designs. We retain the copyright to our digital designs. Purchasing our files does not give you the rights to do either of the mentioned above. We have future plans to sell stencils and sublimation transfer sheets with our designs.

You MAY NOT use ANY of my file/design packs including clip art on print-on-demand sites or large commercial sites like Amazon, JET, Wayfair, Zulily, Zazzle, CafePress, TeeFury, Printful, Society6, Spoonflower, etc.

 You MAY NOT digitize our files or fonts for embroidery.

You MAY NOT use our designs to create patterns intended to make your own fabric panels or pattern HTV/Adhesive Vinyl Sheets. We retain the copyright to our digital designs. Purchasing our files does not give you the rights to do either of the mentioned above. We have future plans to sell fabric and patterned vinyl with our designs.

You MAY NOT resell our digital designs in their original format or modify our digital designs with intent to resell. This means don't steal our Cut File Sets and sell them as Cut Files.

Let's clarify the statement above one more time: You MAY NOT make my designs available for digital download, resell or redistribute them as is or modified, in digital form.

All designs Scout and Rose Design Co. Designs (c) Scout & Rose LLC - Scout & Rose LLC retains copyright of all digital items after purchase. Scout & Rose LLC has the right to update these terms at any time as needed.

Copying any of my designs or files is a direct violation of the International Digital Copyright Law.

Regarding Trademarks:

I do my best to keep up-to-date with any Registered Trademarks before creating any designs! Because of excessive new trademarks being applied for and registered daily, I can not guarantee that any phrases on my designs will not be a registered trademark. 

It is your responsibility and smart business practice as a small business owner to research the USPTO database to make sure your products do not infringe on a registered trademark. By purchasing any design or membership by Scout and Rose Design Co. you agree that you are responsible for your own business and Scout and Rose LLC will not be held liable with regards to trademarked phrases. You can always check the trademark database at 

If it is discovered that one of our designs contains a trademarked phrase or we are notified that one of our designs is a registered trademark we will promptly correct the issue as soon as possible by either 1. removing text from our design and keeping the clip art or 2. removing the design completely if there is not any remaining clip art to display and discontinue the listing. We will also remove the item in question from any of our back up Cloud Storage Systems members may have access to. This is non-negotiable. We will do this as often as possible to look out for our customers and our small family business! <3

if you see something questionable or something we may have missed please email us at

All Poplar & Pearl Designs (c) Poplar & Pearl

All Claw & Fang Designs (c) Claw & Fang

All Berry Cute Cuts Designs (c) Berry Cute Cuts by Bee, Poplar & Pearl. 

Refund Policy 

Due to the nature of our digital products we do not issue refunds. It is up to you to know what files are compatible with your software and know how to use your software/computer/device/machine. However, We want to make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase! If you have any problems you can send us a message for customer service and we will be happy to fix any issues you may have!

Have any more questions/concerns/comments? We would love to hear from you! Please contact us via email to and we will answer you ASAP.