2018 Member New Website Conversion Info

New Website Account Converstion Info (for all 2018 Members that purchased prior to 6/1/2018)

How do I log in?

At this point every member has been migrated over! We have manually entered every single 2018 member to this website.

You should have received an account invite. If you can't locate it check your spam or promotions folders. Still having issues? Don't worry. With a move like we just did we do expect a few hitches. What should you do first?

This most important thing to note is your email address. We used the email that you used to purchase your membership on our old website. 

***About 3% of our members are not being recognized on the log in page due to a bump in our migration according to our web developer. If you get a message that says "email doesn't exist" or "invalid credentials" don't worry... your account is there. We just have to send you a quick email to activate your account internally.

If this is you and you need help please email to scoutandrosedesignco@gmail.com ONLY!

The way that Facebook Business Messenger is working these days we don't always get notifications in a timely manner. The email address listed above is synced to our personal devices so we will see your email as soon as you send it. Please allow us up to 24 hours to get back to you.

Q. I am a member. Why do I see prices on products?

A. You definitely shouldn't! Are you logged in to your correct account? You must be logged in & you must be logged in to the account we sent your account invitation to. If you are using Google Chrome. Google Chrome is known to have browser issues because of their newest security update. You may need to clear your cache on your browser to get your account to work correctly on this browser.

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We are so excited about this new site and the new options and accessibility it will offer to our membership holders and any future new customers. We hope you will enjoy this new format as much as we do!