DIY Tutorial: Wooden Veneer Earrings with your Silhouette Cameo!

Posted by Christy Williams on

I just love making my own jewelry! I choose to go to my local craft store and pick up findings and pretty little dangles instead of buying costume jewelry at the local mall shops! When I discovered I could make my own jewelry using my Silhouette Cameo it CHANGED EVERYTHING for me! I could now create the most unique creations specific to my style! If you have been following me over the past couple of months since I launched my cut file store you have seen that I love boho and styles that are a bit different from the "normal"! I am also a Southern girl from the Mountains of East Tennessee so I decided to go with a cute little mason jar for this tutorial!! I hope you enjoy and find this useful in your creative endeavors!!

Let's get started:

Supplies You Will Need

1. Cardstock

2. Patterned Scrapbook Paper (optional)

3. Glue (I use Aleene's Original Tacky Glue)

4. Wood Veneer Sheets 

5. Earring Hooks

6. Jump Rings

7. Jewelry Pliers

8. Silhouette Cameo or other Die-cutting Machine

9. Mason Jar SVG or DXF File (Available for free download - )

Step #1

Load your DXF or SVG File into your Silhouette Cameo (or other die cutting machine). This photo below is what it should look like. I recommend sizing them to about 1.5" tall but you can adjust to whatever size you prefer. (Hint you can also make necklace pendants out of these so if you want to do that go larger). For the purposes of this tutorial and for better photo visibility I sized mine pretty large as you can see on the grid. The solid piece is for the card stock if you want a little color showing through where the flower cut out is. You don't have to do this though! you could just cut all of your pieces with the cut out so the center is "hollow". I choose to use the solid piece so I can make mine more unique and to my liking! 

Step #2

Cut out your wood veneer using the piece with the flower cut out in the middle. Make sure you line up 4 on your grid and set your settings like the screenshot below. Card stock Setting. Dial your ratchet blade to 3. adjust your speed to 4 and your thickness to 33. Be very gentle when pulling off the wood veneer after it is cut! 

Step #3. 

Now you are ready to cut your solid pieces that will peek through your flower cut out. If you just choose to go with a solid color all you need to do is just cut your card stock in the color of your choice. I recommend 6 pieces of the solid mason jar cut but, you can also adjust that number based on how thick you want your earrings. I find that 3 of these card stock pieces glued together and sandwiched between the wood veneer is the perfect thickness. Cut the card stock on the card stock setting. Keep your ratchet blade at 3. Speed 4. Thickness 22. 

Step #4 (Optional)

I choose to use a pretty little scrapbook sheet to give my creations a little more pizzazz! This is optional but gives you the opportunity to be very creative and super unique! Cut 4 pieces (2 for each earring) on the default copy paper settings.

Here is what you should have after all the cuts:

Now it's time to glue!!!

Start with your card stock gluing the 3 pieces each together for your two earrings. To get this:

Next sandwich your center card stock piece that you just glued together with your pretty scrapbook paper on both sides. 

Next adhere your wood veneer to your now complete center piece. I do also glue this even though there is an adhesive on the wood veneer sheets. You finished "sandwich" will look like this:

next get your earring hooks, jump rings, & jewelry pliers and craft your creation into a pair of earrings!!!

Last step